Thursday, June 17, 2010

La Visita

Mabel Concha, one of my former mission companions came up from Chile for the wedding of Holly Nelson, one of her mission companions. She stayed with Holly the week before her wedding, and then when Holly left for her honeymoon she came to stay with me.

Even though it was difficult for me to speak Spanish, since I don't practice often, it was great fun to have Mabel come and stay with us.

We got to see some sights in Provo.

The last day of her visit we went to Temple Square and did all the tours they offer there. We had a nice lunch in the Garden Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We got to go on the roof of the Conference Center, a first for me even though I've been there several times. We also gave ourselves a tour of the State Capitol Building, which I had never been in either. It was a great day! The weather was perfect and thankfully my sister watched the kids for me ALL DAY! Thanks Lisa!

My kids adored Mabel, just look at AJ's face! Mabel and Julia especially bonded, they taught each other some of their own language, but they also sat on two computers and used google translation to chat and learn more about each other. Gotta love technology these days!
I've very grateful Mabel was able to come and stay with us! We all hope she is able to come again someday!


Jean McKendrick said...

That's really neat she was able to come stay with you! Good memories for the kids too.

Greg and Heather said...

Did you see Richard while at the capital building? That's where he works now with the highway patrol. He can give you tours and take you into the dome, etc. I need to take my boys there.