Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blazers vs. Jazz

Last Thursday night Eldon got the company tickets to the Jazz game. They were playing the Blazers in a pre-season game. The company tickets are on the 7th row so it's pretty fun to sit so close, I even watch the game when we're that close. We took Julia and Andrew who liked the game for about the 1st quarter. After that they were ready to leave. This is the only picture I got. Eldon is watching intently. He was a little dissappointed that Brandon Roy and Rudy Fernandez didn't play, and that the Blazers lost. But we still had a fun night!

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Jean McKendrick said...

Matt and I got VIP tickets (from his work) to go see the Jazz play once when we lived in UT. SO FUN to go see a game live. I used to follow the Jazz when we lived there and I used to follow the Blazers when I lived in OR, very cool you got to see them play.