Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A day in the life

Andrew only takes naps a few times a week now so on the days he doesn't nap he is always super tired. Occasionally he will fall asleep around 5:00 while I am trying to make dinner. Kids are so cute when they're sleeping:)

I made brownies tonight and Emma helped clean the bowl!

Last Sunday Julia and her best friend, Brooke, both wore their baptism dresses to church. The two of them looked so beautiful I just had to get a picture of them! They are such cute friends.


Greg and Heather said...

such cute kids!

Matt said...

I think kids are the sweetest when they are sleeping! I love Emma's licking the bowl after making brownies picture. She is a doll and the things she does remind me of my Kaden (like licking chocolate powder off the counter-from a previous post). The girls do look beautiful in their baptism dresses, so pure, so innocent.

Matt said...

O.K., Sara, I have no idea why my comments are showing up as "Matt", my husband was trying to set up a blog I think ON MY COMPUTER and now all my comments are showing up under his name. So, "no", you don't have a stalker on hand.


Tara said...

Love that photo of Emma with her head in the bowl! That's my kind of girl.

It's true, there nothing so sweet as a sleeping child.