Friday, March 27, 2009

Emma's B-day

Emma had a great 5th birthday! She opened her gifts from us in the morning, but mommy forgot to take pictures of her opening them. Then Andrew and I took treats to her classroom. It was fun to see Emma with her classmates and to get a few pictures of them. I love the picture of Emma with her Happy Birthday crown on!

Emma wanted a Dora cake for her birthday and I have to admit I got lazy and bought a cake. Blame it on the pregnancy:) Emma absolutely LOVED it!

Blowing out the candles!

Emma actually looks happy eating her cake, but a few minutes later she started spitting it out. She doesn't really like cake, just ice cream. We thought we'd try her with both again, but it didn't work. She also only likes vanilla ice cream with nothing in it. Her cake was mixed with her ice cream:)


Greg and Heather said...

she's so cute! i didn't realize that she's the same age as Evan.

Jean McKendrick said...

She is so cute, she looks like she is just a bundle of joy to be around. Hint though, I bought those cake toppers at Publix (not sure where you bought the dora cake) but they sold me those exact dora figurines for $7. I made my own cake and plopped those on top, Kaden was happy as a clam. My kids are really into the funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting (can't be funfetti frosting, it's not as good).
Happy Birthday Emma!
When's the baby due?

Tara said...

She's looking more and more grown up. I can't believe how fast the time goes.

Happy Birthday to a darling girl!

Greg and Heather said...

that would be great to go to the park! we have some fun ones up here, but it's a long ways to go. we'll just have to meet up while i'm down there sometime.

Sonja said...

Happy Birthday Emma! What a doll. Yes, they did suggest inducement because my last two babies were 10 lbs. but I'm not for it. My body has always gone into labor on it's own so for now I am waiting. They say this one doesn't feel as big so I'm thinking an 8 lb. baby. When is your due date again?