Friday, May 2, 2008

February - Julia's Impromptu Birthday Party

We decided Julia wasn't going to have a birthday party this year because we had a DVD player installed in the van for the kids' birthdays and didn't feel like we wanted to spend the extra money involved in having a friend birthday party. But the day of Julia's birthday she had 4 friends happen to come over to play. They had a great time playing play dough. While they did that I made cupcakes and thought it would be fun for them to decorate the cupcakes. We even lit a candle and sang happy birthday to Julia. That is why we call it her impromptu birthday party. I'm sure glad she had so much fun that night, because the next day she woke up with a fever. She was sick with the flu for about 5 days and wasn't able to celebrate her birthday with her cousins on Sunday like we had planned. It was kind of a bummer birthday after that, but her friends made it great on her actual birthday. We are thankful that she has such great friends. She is such a good girl and growing up so quickly. We love our sweet princess Julia! Happy 7th!

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