Friday, May 16, 2008

Julia's 1st Grade Program

Last night was Julia's Program. Each class did a different nursery rhyme with a twist. Julia's class did the Little Ren Hen. Julia was a frog. I'm sure you are saying, "Is there a frog in the Little Ren Hen?" One of the twists was that the Little Ren Hen's friends were too busy chasing frogs, teasing turtles, sneaking up on lizards, and catching butterflies to help her plant the wheat, wead it, harvest it, and make the bread. Julia along with a few others got to introduce their class's part:

"This is the story of the Little Ren Hen,
She finds some wheat is how the story begins.
Her friends are too busy so you will see,
She's a hard working hen and as happy as can be!"

Julia is in the green shirt. Not great pictures, I know:)

Their class was last so they ended the program on stage with a little cheer about how great first grade was!

"We are the first graders. We are the best! No matter what, we pass the test! We can read and we can write. Stand up, sit down, fight fight fight! Goooooo first graders!"

I can't believe Julia is almost done with first grade. This has been a really great year for her. She has loved her teacher! She had lots of good friends in her class and met some new ones. She also learned a lot. Overall, first grade was a great experience for our sweet Julia! I hope second grade will be just as great!


Jeanna GT said...

getting way too big way too fast! crazy crazy! SO CUTE!

Tara said...

What a cute program. It's so fun to watch your kid on stage, isn't it?