Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Liberty Park

Liberty Park in Salt Lake is one of our favorite summer spots so we were very excited as we made the 1 hour trek to the city one Tuesday morning in June. But we were disappointed to find out that our favorite part of the park, The Seven Canyons Replica, is closed Tuesdays for maintenance :( We stopped at this little slimy pond to eat our lunch on our walk over to the playground.

The playground is fun...
with big slides,

a splash pad and cute little boys with big hairdos that AJ couldn't stop staring at,

and girls in bikinis.
It also has plenty of shade for the grown-ups to sit under.

But next time we go to Liberty Park we will be sure it is NOT on a Tuesday!!!!!


Greg and Heather said...

It is a fun park! We've only been once. My boys were floating their shoes down the water at the canyons part. A shoe got caught under one of the bridges AFTER they shut it down because they found poop in the water. I was so happy to have to stick my whole arm in that water to get it out. :)

Steve Finnell said...
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