Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Julia in Action

Jules did so good this year in softball. She improved a lot since last year and started getting at least one hit every game. It was really fun to watch her play. She usually played 1st or 3rd base and sometimes had a chance to pitch!

This is what AJ does during Julia's softball games. He raids peoples purses. Usually they are people he knows like his grandmas and aunts, but he digs through them until he finds something interesting. Gum is the first thing he seeks and then 'lip' he calls anything that you put on your lips. You have to watch him though because once he gets a hold of your stuff you never know where it could end up, but it's usually on the field via the ball drop.

Our loved ones started leaving their purses at home when they would come to watch Julia's games :)

It was also fun to be on a winning team! Go Cougars!

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