Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hiking to the Y

This was our first Y hike this year, with kids anyway. Julia wanted to invite Ashlee and Erica and when we went to pick them up Emma begged to stay with Kelly. Kelly said it was fine if Emma stayed, which worked out nicely for us, because Emma would never have made it up the mountain.
The girls were still feeling okay at this point. I think this is the 3rd switchback of 11!

I love how this picture shows how steep the trail is in parts.

Andrew climbs any rock he can find. He was a great hiker and didn't whine at all until we were on the way down.

We decided to skip the last 3 switchbacks and go to the bottom of the Y.

Almost there! Can you see the white in the background. That is an exciting view for anyone doing this hike!


Even AJ made the gruelling RIDE up!
Having a snack next to the Y.

Hiking back down is almost as hard as going up.
This is about where Ashlee states she doesn't think she'll EVER do this hike again!

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