Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun on the Farm

We went to the Thanksgiving Point Farm our first day of summer vacation. Ashlee and Erica joined us.
AJ was so cute at first. He loved touching the goats.
Everyone loved touching the goats.

But then he saw the chickens and made this face and was scared of all the rest of the animals.
He wouldn't go near the pony rides. But Andrew
and Emma loved them!
Ashlee kept her distance because of her allergies. The kids even got to pet a cow before they read the sign that says, "Watch out, I bite!"
Emma had fun playing in the playhouses.
And seeing the ducks.
This bridge is new since the last time we were there. It gives you a good view of the duck pond on one side and the pig pen on the other side.
Everyone loved the wagon ride, although AJ is looking concerned.
We were done looking at all the animals and had had our pony rides and wagon ride and we had only been there 1 hour. I thought, really only 1 hours worth of entertainment for $5????? But then we found this room........ It doesn't look like much, but the kids had a blast here and spent another hour just in this play room. Their favorite part was the conveyor belt that turned on automatically every so often that you could put tiles on and then stack them at the end.
Julia stationed at the end of the conveyor belt.
Ashlee and Erica sending more tiles down the conveyor belt.

Andrew joined in the fun!
Emma harvesting something.
Or maybe she is planting :)
After we were done the kids decided they wanted to climb on top of this huge wagon near the entrance. It was huge so I was not encouring this, I did not want any broken arms.

I refused to help Emma get up, but she found her own way.

She is so proud of herself for making it to the top all by herself.
We had a good time at the farm. It made for a perfect start of summer 2011!

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Greg and Heather said...

We went there last year for a preschool field trip. It's fun! Those goats were VERY friendly!