Friday, March 19, 2010

AJ - 9 months

Is this the happiest baby you've ever seen? I think he might just be MY happiest baby. He is such a good baby!

He sleeps good, eats good, is very content to sit and play with toys, has been mostly healthy, has the best smiles.....

he's a great clapper,

and has the cutest one-toothed grin.

These pictures were taken just after AJ turned 9 months old in January. This Monday he will be 11 months. I somehow got a few pictures uploaded, I have no idea how. I still can't get to his videos or other pics. Maybe someday someone, meaning my husband, will take compassion on me and my technological deficiencies:)

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Mike and Lisa said...

I cannot believe that AJ is already 11 months..time sure goes by quick. He is dang cute. I love his smile, it is contagious. Wish I could help you out with your computer problems...but that stuff is over my head. Good luck.