Friday, February 26, 2010

AJ Crawling

So my excuse for not posting anything in such a long time is that I can no longer upload pictures to my computer thanks to the handiwork of small hands. I have no idea what the kids have done, but it must be their fault, right?

Anyway, I did just upload a couple of cute, short videos of AJ learning to crawl but I don't know how to find them now. So this post is... to be continued at a later date when I get technical support:) Anyone? Anyone?


Jean McKendrick said...

Oh NO! Totally can't help you there. Is your hubby computer savvy?

Greg and Heather said...

Is he really that old already to be crawling? Wow!

janna said...

I can't really help you with the computer, but I am always game to go to lunch! :)