Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taebo Instructor

This is my friend Janna and I with the best Taebo Instructor EVER!!!!! Saturday was her last day teaching at Gold's Gym. I have attended her class pretty regularly, with the exception of maternity leave, for over 5 years. I am so sad she won't be there to inspire me to work harder and better myself. I have loved her class and her! She is a sweetheart and will definitely be missed!

So this picture was taken at 8:00 am after taebo class. I know I'm looking lovely! I should have put on some makeup or something:)

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janna said...

I was excited to check up on your blog until I saw the picture! Ha Ha! The class was fun today but I sure miss Shauna! Who knew we could become so attached to a Taebo instructor that makes us sore for days!