Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Duet Piano Recital

Julia just started taking piano lessons from Kristi Rigrup in September. Her previous teacher was having baby #3 and didn't feel like she could keep teaching. As much as we loved Alicia, we are very excited to have Kristi as a teacher. Julia has never done a duet before so this was a new and, in my opinion, valuable experience. Julia has also never done festival before. That is where you go and perform your piece and get judged. Julia was pretty nervous for festival. She had a darling partner named Evan whom we had never met before they were assigned to be duet partners. They did well, but she and Evan had a hard time keeping the rhythm together. They recieved an Excellent ranking at festival, which is good, but we're hoping for a Superior next time. It just takes a little more practice, that's all:)

These pictures are from the Duet Recital they had the week after Festival. I wasn't able to go because of that darn strep throat, but Eldon and my mom said Julia and Evan did a great job!

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