Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Eldon!

On our way from The Dalles to the coast we stopped at The Rose Garden, home of the Portland Trailblazers. It was Eldon's 32nd birthday and his gift was to go in their fan store and buy whatever his little heart desired. He got a couple of t-shirts and he bought Andrew a jersey and a basketball so Andrew can start watching the games with daddy in style!

This was Eldon's first trip ever to the Rose Garden and he was seriously like a kid in a candy store.

We were pretty bummed that the lady who normally gives tours of the stadium was out of the office for the day. We hadn't planned on a tour, but once we knew it was a possibility it was a little dissappointing to miss out on it.

The kids had no clue what the whole point of the stop was, but they were good sports, especially since it was 30 degrees cooler than we were prepared for.

Happy Birthday, Eldon! Maybe someday you can actually attend a game in the Rose Garden.

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