Thursday, August 27, 2009

Emma's first day of Kindergarten

Emma started a transitional Kindergarten at our local school, Brockbank Elementary. She was very excited to go back to school and asked everyday for a week when she was going to start since Julia started a week before her.

Nobody misses Emma more than Andrew when she is gone. They are best friends and play so well together (most of the time). She had been gone only a few minutes when Andrew came in from the other room and asked where Emma was and when she would be home.

Even though Emma is now attending our neighborhood school and she could easily walk with Julia, we have decided the bus is a better method of transport for her.

Emma loves the bus. She wouldn't even turn around long enough for me to take her picture.


Jeanna GT said...

AAH! I didn't even ask her how school went when i say you yesterday! She's such a cutie!

Jean McKendrick said...

Kindergarten is seriously the best, she is going to have an awesome year. They treat them so special in kindergarten and they learn so much. Your house is probably a lot quieter with your girls gone. Mine is with just Kai gone.

Tara said...

Such a sweet girl! I love that she and Andrew are so close.