Friday, June 13, 2008

Liberty Park

Liberty Park is one of our favorite summer spots. They have a pretty great playground that is fairly new, but our favorite part is the 7 Canyons area of the park. It's a mini-replica of the seven canyons and rivers that lead into the Salt Lake Valley. My kids could spend hours there dropping sticks in the streams and following them down to the mini Great Salt Lake.

Andrew really got into the stick racing. He kept saying "My stick, my stick" and would get so excited to see it float under the bridges!

Emma didn't get in the water much and also didn't get into the stick racing. She made friends with some random lady sitting on the bench and spent quite a while chatting with her.

We met my former mission companion, Amber Sheen Westmoreland, there and her family. I also took my niece and nephew. Tessa, my 10 year old neice was extremely helpful with the little ones. She followed at least one of the babies around the whole time, which gave me a chance to talk with Amber in peace without having to chase kids the whole time.

Julia and Max had a fabulous time racing sticks!

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