Friday, June 13, 2008

Dreamnight at the Zoo

We received tickets to a special event at the Zoo for kids with disabilities and their families. Eldon and Andrew were at the ward Father's and Sons campout so we had extra tickets. We were excited that Pam, Megan, and Caleb were able to join us for this fun night. Everyone is ready for the train ride.

When I wanted to take this picture of Emma and Julia in front of the zebras, Emma patted Julia to get her attention, pointed to me, and then posed for the picture. It was so cute that she knew exactly what to do and was so helpful to get Julia ready also.

Megan climbed up on this post and everyone wanted to join her. It turned out to be a cute picture. Julia showing her excitement!

Some nice lady offered to take a picture of Emma and I, but I couldn't get Emma to slow down long enough to get a good shot.

Check out the gorgeous sunset we saw as we left the zoo. It was almost as beautiful as my two girls!

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