Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Reservoir

We spent the day at the Spanish Fork Reservoir last Wednesday. The kids had a great time playing in the sand and water.
Max and Julia are chillin' on the beach watching the other cousins play in the water.

Andrew and Emma having a little conversation. Emma didn't move much from her spot in the front of the stroller. She was happy as long as she had plenty of snacks.

AJ was well shaded and well-behaved the whole day!

Emma and little B playing in the water.

Jules enjoying the warm sand after leaving the cold water.

Tessa, Josie, Julia, and Chloe swimming.


Jean McKendrick said...

How fun! I can't imagine one of my kids wanting to sit in the stroller! Nice for you you weren't worrying about everyone running every which way. :)
I think summer is more work than the school year (at least it is for me).

kallan said...

Fun times and memories. I am so impressed with how much you are getting out and doing things-with a newborn, no less. Such a fun Mom!