Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mother's Day

I didn't actually get any pictures of me with my children on Mother's Day because I ended up having one of those post-pardom "I hate the way I look" type days. Anyone that has any extra weight to lose after having a baby will know exactly what I mean, which is ALMOST every mother alive! But I did get a picture of Andrew and Emma a few days after Mother's Day playing on my Mother's Day gift. I have been begging for a swing set for quite a while now. Eldon always had some reason we couldn't get one. I finally wore him down enough that he caved. What a good husband! And look at those happy faces. He'll never regret this purchase, except maybe every time he has to move it to mow the lawn!


Jean McKendrick said...

Your kids will entertain themselves for hours on "your" mother's day gift. Yeah!!

Tara said...

Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean about that post-partum, not-wanting-to-be-photographed feeling.

A swing set is a PERFECT Mother's Day gift. Your kids will love that.