Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egg Hunting

We had a really quiet Easter because my parents and Jon and Jeanna were in Idaho at Joel and Melissa's baby blessing. Usually we would have had Sunday dinner with them. It was just us this year. We did our own little Easter Egg hunt after dinner and then luckily Lisa and two of her kids stopped by for a visit. Otherwise, we would have had one sad Julia. She had been complaining for a while that she was bored. What would we do without so many cousins close.

Emma's first egg!

Andrew was really focused, he wasn't stopping until every single egg was found.

Emma with the reach!

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Jean McKendrick said...

Our Easter was really quiet as well. I think it's fun to watch your little ones get so excited about finding eggs. I think this is the first year both my boys have really gotten into it.
I will be thinking of you this upcoming week as you bring a new little one into the world. Good luck with everything!!