Monday, January 26, 2009

Andrew is 3!

My baby boy turned 3 on Thursday. I can't believe he is already 3. I don't remember much from when Andrew was an infant. I think we were in survival mode that first year. Here are some things I love about Andrew:
He gives the best bear hugs.
He has a great smile and beautiful dimples.
He is Emma's best friend, and Julia's little buddy.
He loves basketball and any other type of ball he sees.
His big dark green eyes.
The sweet way he says, "I love you, mommy!"
He is a gum addict.
The cute cowlick in his hairline that makes it look like his hair is always styled.
His favorite shows: Backyardigans, Dora, and Diego.
He likes to be clean.
He always has to be in the front in the tub.
So many more reasons to love this little man.
Andrew - 3 years

2 years

1 year

About 3 months

In the hospital


Greg and Heather said...

How cute! I didn't realize that he was that close in age to my Nate. They seem to be a lot alike too.

Sandra said...

Sara..I love all the cakes you make. They are adorable! Happy Belated Bday to Andrew...he is a cutie.

Tara said...

He's adorable! And you did a GREAT job on those cakes.